Generate unique keys for React Elements

Assing uniques keys to React Elements.

What are keys?

In React, when you work with automatically generated Elements and Lists, you must provide a unique key to every node you create.

React uses keys to identify which items have changed between renders. As some components may get removed or moved in an array, keys should be static as well. When talking about the staticity of a unique key, I mean that it should remain the same between renders.

Moreover, keys must be unique among siblings, so there's no need to have globally unique keys.

Accessing Components' keys

Keys are only used by React internally. You can't see them explicitly inside your Components. If you want to access a Component's key, simply create a new prop named something else.


// key is not accessible, however id is and it has the same value.
<li key={} id={}>

Generating unique keys from an array

Suppose you have an array of objects containing employees' data.

Let's wrap their data inside some jsx elements.

Things you should AVOID

Between every possible method you can use to generate unique keys, this is the less recommended.

For instance:, i) => (
  <div className="card" key={i}>
    <p>Name: {}</p>
    <p>Lastname: {} </p>
    <img src={employee.imageSrc} alt={} />

As you can see, the node's key is the current array index. You should avoid this method completely!

As I said before, keys should be static. Using an array index means that the key is bound to the element position in the same array.

If the position of an element changes, the keys would not indicate the previous elements.

What to do instead

Instead of relying on indexes, you should find a way to generate always the same keys.

Fortunately, React comes with many utilities and functionalities. The most elegant and most performant way to create unique keys is using the React.Children.toArray() method. This method accepts an array of elements as its only argument.

Let's rewrite the example above:

React.Children.toArray(, i) => (
        <div className="card">
            <p>Name: {}</p>
            <p>Lastname: {} </p>
        <img src={employee.imageSrc} alt={} />


The best way to assign unique keys would be to pass them directly to a collection. Obviously, that's not always possible.

Other approaches exist, there are some libraries out there doing exactly this.

However, in more general cases, the React.Children.toArray() method works flawlessly.